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Augmented reality refers to a specific type of virtual reality that will aim to duplicate the environment through computer software and displays. This type of system will offer a composite view for the player and will also use a combination of a real scene as well as a virtual scene that is created by the computer. With augmented reality, the goal is to create a situation where the user will not be able to tell the difference between the virtual augmentation and the real world. While some will wonder if there is even a difference between virtual reality and augmented reality, the answer becomes clear with the first experience. Augmented reality will add intense graphics, sounds and even smell to the experience. The development of this technology is driven by video games and cell phones. This latest technology can benefit just about everyone, from military soldiers to a common person seeking the closest coffee shop. This is done by placing computerized graphics right in the field of vision. Augmented reality is the future of technology. Soon, users can simply wear a pair glasses and enjoy a computerised experience as they walk down a street, play a video game or even gamble online.

What is Augmented Reality and How it Works

Augmented reality is one of the great technological advances that will impact the lives of everyone, especially gamers. The basic idea of this technology is to use devices to superimpose computer graphics and sensory enhancements over a true and real world environment, all in real time. Augmented reality can be used on just about any device, from cameras to smart phones. When used on a tablet or a cell phone, augmented reality will feel like a magic window and there are already hundreds of apps that are available. With a PC, it will work with a webcam and when it comes to gaming, it will work through various devices that are worn, such as glasses and lenses.

For augmented reality to work, there has to be reality. This can be done through physically being in a location or using a television screen or generated image. With this background environment in place, one will then need a way to display augmentations to the brain, which is done with a display device like a cell phone, glasses, widescreen televisions or even a tablet. The device will then superimpose other images over reality to create the most unique and interactive virtual world.

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Augmented Reality and Application in Games

While augmented reality can be used in all aspects of life, it is very interesting when used for gaming purposes. Video game companies are quickly adopting this technology to create games that are life like and offer the most amazing experience. There are already a number of PC and mobile games that make use of augmented reality, but many gamers will turn to their console devices for the best experience. Devices like PlayStation and Wii offer amazing augmented games, where players will take on a role in the game and actually use physical actions to control the movements and actions in the game. With augmented realty, the games are much more lifelike and will provide a feeling of being right there in the middle of the action. This type of technology is very common in fighting games as well as sport games, where players can have complete control over the gaming experience by using an augmented realty device and taking part of the real world and combining it with their gaming world.

Augmented Reality and Application in Online Casino Gaming

With the amazing technology of augmented reality, online gamblers will also be able to enjoy a life like experience. It is possible to start using augmented reality in the world of online casinos and gambling. The reality eyewear that will be used when playing casino games will offer a gambling experience like never before. Players who thought live dealer games were top of the line will soon find out that they cannot hold a candle to augmented reality casino games. One of the features will be a 360 degree camera technology that will take live dealer gaming to a whole new level. With this, players will have the ability to see the entire online casino as if it were a land based casino. The eyewear that will be used will incorporate speakers that will offer virtual sounds as well as a microphone that will allow the user to speak commands. With this new technology, online gambling will never be the same again. Gone are the computerised versions of games and in comes a realistic version that will offer the most exhilarating and realistic gambling experience possible online. Being that augmented reality is not widely adopted yet in any form of online casino or gaming website the fall back for now it so play at a traditional online casino type website. Online casino websites can be helpful in choosing where to play and to also get a better understanding of the ins and outs of online casinos and gambling on the internet in general. On the page below at the bottom you'll also find some additional links that we've recommended that are similar to this website.

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