Future of Augmented Reality

Even though augmented reality is not a new technology or concept, it is making waves and attracting much attention. This latest form of technology has a great future in all venues and will soon be used on a daily basis, impacting the lives of millions around the world. Augmented reality has been featured in science fiction movies for many years and thanks to smartphones, that technology is now available for daily use. Mobile technology is always taking steps closer to AR and there are some amazing possibilities in the future. Many people think this technology is only beneficial to gamers, but there are many applications in which it will be useful.

Suppose one is driving and breaks down. There could be an app that will diagnose the vehicle problem and guide drivers through quick and easy repairs. It could even show whether tire pressures are low or whether a part is worn and needs replacement. Maybe people are out shopping and want to buy something in particular but have no idea what product is best. With an AR app on a smartphone, one can find the best reviews, price comparisons and relevant options that will make the buying process a snap.

One major car company is already using AR. Volkswagen has a car that offers an AR program that will display superimposed information on the vehicle which will allow mechanics and technicians to complete a repair. Unfortunately, this is only offered on one car as of now, but it is bound to spread to other vehicles in the near future. Audi also has an app that acts like a user manual, allowing users to view their car on an iPhone and get important information and details on what they are currently looking at.

AR could impact the world in so many ways. There is a great future for this technology and it can be a useful tool in education, science and even medicine. As technology enhances and more devices are developed to offer 3D graphics and visual displays, the use of AR will spread widely. In fact, one day, the superimposed images could appear on a physical structure, such as on a building to show architectural design, repairs that are needed or even locate living beings in the building in the event of a fire.

The future of augmented reality is vast and as more steps are taken, this technology is becoming used by more and more people in various professions and walks of life. There is literally no limits as to what can be dine with this technology, but much development needs to be done in terms of mapping and tracking as well as software development. While the use of AR can enhance life, it also can be a risk. There are safety concerns that also need to be addressed, such as displays distracting the attention of drivers or the level of security against cyber crime and hackers.


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