Impact of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has created quite a stir and many consumers are wondering how this latest technology will actually have an impact on them as it becomes more widely used. For anyone that uses a mobile device for daily activities, augmented reality is the future that will allow consumers to experience a reality that is based on personal needs and desires. AR will present a completely new way to engage and will expand the abilities of retailers as well. The possibilities of augmented reality are literally endless and when combined with et technology of mobile devices, which is already quite powerful, AR will allow for geo-tracking that will allow amazing experiences for consumers.

Augmented reality will also have a strong impact on society. The marketing and advertisement fields will explode with augmented reality devices. The mobile applications that are being developed will offer facial recognition software that will mainstream quickly. For everyday commuters and drivers, navigation devices will be built into the cars and mobile devices. This is already in the works, with some car manufacturers working to implement augmented reality windshields that will help drivers navigate without taking their eyes off the road.

With all of the positive impacts augmented reality will have, one must also consider the negative aspects as well. Just as malware has attacked mobile software, the same will happen with the AR mobile platform. There will always by cyber criminals that are looking to capitalize on new technology. AR heads-up displayed can offer criminals a huge advantage on ways to develop scams that will victimise the innocent users. This is why it will be essential for law enforcement to have an involvement and work with users and vendors to minimise any potential harms that could be unleashed and affect thousands.

One major field in which augmented reality will have a huge impact is the medical field. It is already being used for practical purposes and the technology will play an important role in the future of medicine. In fact, in 2013, a surgery was performed using Google Glass and VIPAAR, a virtual AR app. The capabilities of this technology will allow for surgeries to be simplified, offering a safe environment and experience to patients and reducing the chances of medical problems arising after surgery is performed. There are a variety of devices that can already be used in the medical field aside from Google Glass. There is an app called EyeDecide that will educate patients on eye health. Doctors can use a skin cancer app that will assess moles with real time vision and receive feedback. There are also glasses and devices that are being used to locate veins, allowing for blood work to be performed quickly and IVs inserted without ever worrying about missing a vein.

The impacts that augmented reality can have is endless and the technology will affect every field. Not only will it be used by professionals and consumers, but it will also become a key tool for educational purposes in classrooms around the world.


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