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For many years, players all over the world have engaged in online gambling activities and have enjoyed playing casino games from the comforts of home. Over the years, the games have been enhanced and now offer life like graphics and sounds that entertain players for hours. Perhaps the best introduction to the online casino gambling industry was live dealer gaming. With this, players enjoy a game in real time that is being simulcast from a studio or land location. These games provide the opportunity to play with live dealers and other live players and also allows for interactions to take place. While most think that live dealer gambling is the most realistic available, there is new technology that could completely change how casino games are played online. With augmented reality, players will enjoy a true to life experience and will incorporate their own physical surroundings with the game, offering a feeling of being in a land casino with each and every visit.

In partnership with Google, Infinity Augmented Reality Inc. will soon be changing how casino games are played online. By using augmented eyewear and a 360 degree camera that can pan the entire casino, players will step into the action and enjoy gambling like never before. There are some huge challenges ahead for these companies and it will be necessary to create brand new software and hardware to deliver this gambling experience to players. However, it will revolutionise the gambling world and will offer amazing opportunities to play the most realistic casino games from home for real money payouts.

With augmented reality, players will use real sensory inputs to enhance the online casino experience had by players. With specially equipped eyewear, video and sound and virtual images, players can enjoy a real life experience that can include just about anything, from dealers calling hands to someone stumbling after too many drinks. The technology is so real that players will actually forget they are still sitting at home. The entire process works by overlaying virtual images over what is already seen in the natural environment. There are a number of major companies that are creating the glasses that will make all of this possible.

For those that simply cannot wait for new hardware or software to be released, it is possible to experience augmented reality online casinos on a smart phone or a tablet. When playing these games, players can turn their head to either site to see a different view of the casino, just as if they were walking around in a brick and mortar casino. With the glasses, there will be speakers incorporates so that all sounds are offered and these is also a microphone so that players can speak commands.

While all of this sounds super exciting, it is still a few years out. In the meantime, players can continue enjoying live dealer games and standard casino games online until these new devices and software platforms are released, which will surely change the face of online gambling forever.

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