Current State of the Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality will be the future of technology, where all users can implement the technology into everyday use. However, despite the great progressions that have already been made since AR was introduced, it still has a long way to go before it is a mature technology. Augmented reality is getting a lot of attention, especially by gamers with great video game companies offering display devices that enhance the gaming experience. Google has also released the Google Glass, a glasses frame that has smartphone capabilities. As of now, augmented reality has not quite lived up to its potential and this is largely due to tracking and mapping difficulties in the real world. However, as software and hardware improves, this will quickly change.

Since Smartphones have advanced in the past few years, there is literally an app for everything, and augmented reality apps are quite popular. One major brand to use this technology is Ben & Jerry’s. They offer a natural tracking feature for the iPhone. With this application, users will point their phone at the carton of ice cream and unlock special features. For example, The New York Super Fudge carton will take users on an amazing virtual tour of New York City, right on their phone.

New augmented reality apps have replaced how people used to search for everything online. In June of 2009, a great app was released that allowed users to use their camera on their phone to scan surrounding areas and view information on establishments in the area. It offered information on restaurants, home prices and even jobs that are available at surrounding companies. Just this one app can replace standard online searches.

These advancements are not restricted to Smartphone use. Print media has also incorporated some AR. The magazine Wallpaper has incorporated augmented reality by publishing an issue that features AR. The issue offers articles and advertisements that jumped into 3D when they were held to a webcam. This revealed more images, audio and video features that enhanced the reading experience. Imagine what this technology could do for novels?

When it comes to business, many manufacturers are getting in on the augmented reality action. Action figures are being sold with an i-tag, which will be scanned by a web cam and will then open a 3D model of the toy and special features. As technology becomes more advances, people will start seeing augmented reality being used in all daily applications, from ordering a morning coffee to relaxing with an action packed video game after a stressful day.

The recent developments with augmented reality have brought the technology into different venues. Toys and magazines are making use of the technology and it will soon expand to many other venues in the future. Augmented reality is expected to be the leading technology over the next few years and with so many applications, it can be used for basic every day actions, education and entertainment.


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